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We are a pet product company focused on attaining a balance between pet and owner. Our designs are a harmony of simple form with proper function. We strive to progress the lives of pets by creating a bond of love and respect with their owners.

Each product we design is properly examined through hundreds of hours of research and development. Our bowls are handmade in Japan. We hope to better the bonding of pets and owners, thus enriching lives and experiences for years to come.


Introducing a food bowl made for cats, designed by cats.



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the CAT TONGUE for senior cats messy eaters handicapped healthythe CAT TONGUE revolutionary design for the ultimate feeding experience

The idea of creating a custom feeding bowl emerged out of necessity in finding a versatile bowl for any age and condition of a cat. Our designer had adopted ten feral cats and found feeding difficult for her senior and youngest cat. Both would chase their food across a flat and wide bowl and eventually have food stuck in the corners which were not accessible. Her youngest cat is a messy eater; most of her food would fall out of the bowl.

the CAT TONGUE® was created to make eating easier and efficient for the senior cat, messy eater, handicapped, healthy, flat-nosed, and just about any cat in any physical condition.



See us on Da Best Hawaii , Hawaii's TV and internet celebrity, Olena Heu’s invigorating show, explaining how we started with the kitties and the wonderful toys we create for the cat and cat owner.

See why other bowls just don't work in providing an unforgettable, efficient eating experience for both the cat and owner like the CAT TONGUE®. 

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