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the CAT TONGUE, made by hand, imported from Japan, specifications





  1. Manufacturing country: Japan
  2. Manufacturing process: Made by hand
  3. Size: L 6.25in  x  W 5.75in  x  H 1.75in
  4. Material:(item) Ceramic
  5. Color: Huntington White
  6. Net weight: 1 lb
  7. Net food capacity: ¼ cup (2 oz or 4 tablespoons)
  8. Net liquid capacity: Maximum 4 oz possible
  9. Item applies to: Cats, kittens, senior cats, sick cats, spoiled cats, big-fat cats, cats with extracted teeth, cats with small appetites, cats who make a mess when eating, cat with flat noses, cats who are slow eaters, cats who are only spoon-fed, cats on prescription diets, cats taking weight-management food, handicapped cats (disabled hind legs), cats with Recovery E-collars. OPTION: extra small dogs can use this too!
  10. Recommended types of cat meals for use with the CAT TONGUE®: Dry Foods (Kibble), Canned Foods (Wet), Pate, Flake, Chunk, Stew, Gravy, Broth, Raw foods, Hand-made, custom meals created with cat owner’s love, Treats, Water, Cat Milk
  11. Veterinarian Recommended
  12. Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  13. The following conditions do not constitute as manufacturing defects: Color variations, indentations, running glaze, black and brown spots, crazing (network of very fine cracks in the glaze), and pinholes are the result of elements in the clay and their natural characteristics when glazed and fired in the kiln. Every bowl is unique.
  14. In the beginning, a few cats may not agree to using new dishes. Be patient and use dishes familiar to your cat, along with the CAT TONGUE®. Your cat will adjust to seeing, understanding and trying the CAT TONGUE® at its own, leisurely pace.

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