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the CAT TONGUE, benefits


 Cats and Owners will benefit from features and additional points.



the CAT TONGUE, 0.3 inches Lower Front Height


Benefit 1 : LOWER FRONT


At a mere 0.3 inches of depth, the low front edge of the bowl allows cats to easily access their food. No touching of the neck, chin, or whiskers.

the CAT TONGUE, low front edge lip


the CAT TONGUE, wide entry


Benefit 2 : WIDE ENTRY

Our designer examined the function of a circular bowl and realized that the front was unnecessary during feeding. The front of the CAT TONGUE® has been specially shaped in a straight line to welcome a cat for feeding.

the CAT TONGUE, wide & straight entry


Without any bowl parts in the way, a cat will no longer have to adjust its body position to a round bowl; it will predominantly stay in one place while feeding. Unlike a round bowl, a straight edge will allow more space to accommodate a cat’s neck at a comfortable distance to its food.






the CAT TONGUE, benefit 3, entrance slope




An inviting entrance slope creates a natural passageway towards food.





Benefit 4 : POCKET

Pocket dimensions are designed to perfectly fit a cat’s face. The Pocket area is crafted to its specific size to avoid chasing food across a wide area and assist in easily picking up food. The patented design provides ample clearance for a cat’s chin, and the back wall of the pocket serves as the ideal slope for a cat to easily scoop his food, wet or dry. The slopes of the Pocket have been engineered to return all food to the center of the bowl, eliminating wasted head and neck movement.




Benefit 5 : BACK SLOPE


the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 5, backslope


The Back Slope serves as a wall to stop food from moving, assisting a cat in easily picking up food using its tongue, without its nose touching the bowl. The perfectly angled slope aids a cat in consuming its food efficiently, with each scoop of its tongue. 

benefit 5, Backslope 2, clamping motion


As an option, food can be consumed in a clamping motion, planting the top tooth line to the bowl and scooping with the lower jaw. Again, the cat's nose will not touch the bowl.



the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 6, 2nd tier front stage



Highlighted area declines inward toward the POCKET at 5 degrees, allowing any food or liquid to fall back into the POCKET.




the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 7, 2nd tier backstage


Benefit 7 : 2ND TIER BACK STAGE 


Any food not consumed in the POCKET will not fall outside of the bowl. Rather, food will fall on to the BACK STAGE.




the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 8, Second tier back wall

Benefit 8 : 2ND TIER BACK WALL

 The BACK WALL slopes in the ideal angle, making it easy to pick up food either by tongue or jaws. A cat's nose will not touch the sides of the bowl, which is a unique feature of our innovative design.



the CAT TONGUE, Benefits 9 and 10, 3rd tier, elongated edge

Benefit 9 & 10 : 3rd TIER & ELONGATED EDGE

A cat’s tongue produces power, causing food to move by momentum. The 3rd TIER catches any remaining food that is pushed upwards and serves as the final area to consume. An elongated rim, above the 3rd TIER, prevents food from falling over and out of the bowl.



the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 11, Bumps

 Benefit 11 : BUMPS

An array of 14 small extractions on the 2nd TIER FRONT STAGE catch food coming out of the POCKET and prevent from rolling away. This again, allows for easy pick up to complete a meal.



1/4 and 1/8 cup measuring lines serve as a guideline for adequate food servings. Veterinarians recommend 1/4 cup as the average and ideal single serving amount, per meal, twice a day. For cats requiring more than 1/4 cup of food, please serve more food as they need.

the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 12, measurements  


the CAT TONGUE, Benefit 13, whiskers don't touch


The perfect width of the bowl (6.25 inches) prevents whiskers from touching the bowl or food. This creates a relaxed and ideal eating stance for a cat.



the CAT TONGUE, owners benefits and additional points


 It's stackable.

the CAT TONGUE, owners benefits, stackable

The CAT TONGUE® can be stacked when storing in your cabinet or cupboard. A stack of the CAT TONGUE®’s will only take a small footprint. *We recommend not stacking more than four, for safety purposes.



 Easy to hold and carry.

the CAT TONGUE, easy to hold and carry


The height of the base permits space for human fingers to fit, making it easy to hold the CAT TONGUE®. The thumb holds the edge of the bowl, and fingers fit perfectly under the base, creating a solid grip. Very reliable and convenient when transporting food, washing, or stacking away into your shelf.



Easy to clean and maintain.
the CAT TONGUE, owners benefits, easy to clean and maintain

 Our custom glaze is formulated to create the ideal surface for hand washing. All food and stains will slide off the smooth surface of the CAT TONGUE® with ease.




 Dishwasher safe.

the CAT TONGUE, owner's benefits, dishwasher safe

 The CAT TONGUE® sports a custom glaze, tough and able to withstand dishwashing with no problems. Our innovative design of the bowl allows normal perpendicular placement in your dishwasher, without taking up large amounts of space.




the CAT TONGUE, additional points, serve water or milk


Serve water or milk.

The CAT TONGUE® can be used as a water bowl or to serve milk. The maximum capacity is 4 fluid ounces.



the CAT TONGUE, additional points, difficult to flip over


Difficult to flip over.

Master craftsmen create the CAT TONGUE® with extreme precision, resulting in a balanced, sturdy and rigid structure. Cats will find it difficult to flip over a solid 1 pound of ceramic weight.



Use a table or stand.

the CAT TONGUE, additional points, use a table or stand


The CAT TONGUE® can be placed on a box or pedestal for added ease in posture. Use if height is needed for adequate eating; you can adjust the height according to your cat's preference. Whether on the floor or on a stand, our bowl works well for posture support and eating efficiency.


Eat lying down.

the CAT TONGUE, additional points, eat lying down

Thanks to the Lower Front, cats can eat while lying down. Highly recommended for handicapped, injured and elderly cats who can’t fully raise their torso. Lazy cats can also enjoy eating while lying down.


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