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the CAT TONGUE, product safety

Product Safety


  1. the CAT TONGUE® is safe and can be applied to human use, as well as pets, due to the absence of Lead and Cadmium in the glaze, as verified through Elution Tests by the Japan Food Research Laboratories under compliance with US FDA standards.
  2. the CAT TONGUE® is made of ceramic. The product is fragile; don’t drop, and avoid putting strong pressure on the bowl to prevent damage of the product and possibly cause injury.
  3. Check for cracks or chips before each use to avoid injury. Should you locate any cracks or chips, please immediately discontinue use. You may purchase a new the CAT TONGUE® to replace the damaged bowl.
  4. Should your pet ingest pieces of ceramic, immediately contact a veterinarian or emergency clinic for medical assistance.
  5. Use the CAT TONGUE® on a flat surface. We recommend using a simple dinner mat as cushioning under the bowl, when serving food on concrete, tile or any rough surface, to avoid damage to the bowl.
  6. Do not hit or scratch the surface of the CAT TONGUE® with metal utensils, as this will damage the product.
  7. Avoid using abrasive cleansers, aluminum/stainless steel sponges, hard surface of scrub pads, and scour pads when cleaning the CAT TONGUE®, as this will damage the product.
  8. Clean thoroughly and dry completely before storing.
  9. Store the CAT TONGUE® in a safe location, avoiding contact with infants, small children and pets.
  10. Do not apply the CAT TONGUE® over an open fire and in an oven for heating, grilling, baking or broiling purposes, as this will damage the product.
  11. Do not use the CAT TONGUE® to freeze liquids, as this will damage the product.
  12. My Pet Designs® and the CAT TONGUE® will not be responsible for accidents and injuries caused by incorrect use, disassembly, and customization of the CAT TONGUE®.

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