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About the CAT TONGUE®


A cat food bowl, invented with big dreams by a designer and her ten feral feline friends.

The revolutionary design of the CAT TONGUE® was conceived and meticulously materialized for the benefit of all cats. A radical and innovative shape delivers the ultimate feeding experience for cats, improving the relationship between cat and owner. The bowl is designed to perfectly accommodate a cat’s face, chin, nose, tongue and mouth.

Many bowls on the market are designed, not only for the use by cats, but also to feed dogs. They are too deep or very shallow, flat and too wide for a cat to properly enjoy a meal. Whiskers touch the side of the bowl. Food moves around or gets stuck in the corner, making it unpleasant and difficult to eat. Food easily falls out of the bowl. This results in a long and tedious feeding time.

the CAT TONGUE® creates efficient eating, resulting in happy cats. This patented design features a center pocket to hold ¼ cup of wet or dry food. No longer will cats need to chase their food across a flat and wide bowl, or feel uncomfortable with their whiskers rubbing alongside a small, deep container.

With less wasted movement of the head and tongue, a cat will enjoy eating with less stress. Easy consumption of food by the cat will make feeding easy and time-effective for the owner.

The volume of the pocket is a result of countless hours of testing to find the average amount of one meal, just enough to finish completely and avoid a saliva-covered mess. The 1/8 and 1/4 cup lines serve as a mark to adjust the adequate amount for your cat’s diet and weight control. For cats who require more than 1/4 cup of food, please serve more food as he needs. Or you are welcome to purchase a second the CAT TONGUE®.

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