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the CAT TONGUE, features

Designed to serve the ideal amount of food for diet and weight control.

Senior cats and messy eaters will benefit from our innovative design.

Ki, senior cat, the CAT TONGUE“Every curve of the CAT TONGUE is so well thought of, it’s as if
your cat is being spoon-fed.”
(pictured: Ki, 19yrs)

Cats Cats with small appetites
Kittens Cats wearing e-collars
Sick cats Cats who take a long time to eat
Spoiled cats Cats on prescription diets
Big-fat cats Cats taking weight management foods
Flat-nosed cats Aging cats with feeding problems
Cats with extracted teeth Handicapped cats (disabled hind legs)

*Optional : extra small dogs can enjoy too!



the CAT TONGUE, 30% reduced excessive head movement, efficient eating


Less stress for cats

You’ll see a 30% decrease in unnecessary head movement.

Our intuitive design reduces any excess head movement typically associated with chasing food around or across bowls. Cats will have less stress when using the CAT TONGUE®, resulting in a 30% reduction in unnecessary body movement and feeding time. This is a great advantage for Senior cats, messy eaters, and handicapped or injured cats.







the CAT TONGUE, 30% reduced feeding time


We compared eating times for both wet (canned) and dry foods at 1/4 cups each, consumed by ten cats. Time differences prove that eating times are considerably faster when using the CAT TONGUE®. Faster eating proves that cats are eating more efficiently with less missed opportunities of placing food in their mouths, which is common with generic bowls.



the CAT TONGUE, wet canned
DAI, CHARLIE, and MIRAI posted impressive times when using the CAT TONGUE® compared to using a generic bowl. Some cats, like TIGER and POPO are used to eating dry kibble, hence their time differences are not as quick.





the CAT TONGUE, DRY KIBBLE A considerable amount of consumers feed their cats with dry kibble cat food. Here we see
DAI and POPO post 1.5 minutes faster compared to using generic bowl.  

the CAT TONGUE, learn more benefits for cats owners benefits & addiotional points

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