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Our Happy Users of the CAT TONGUE®


"Always clean and fresh"    

the CAT TONGUE, premium ceramic cat feeding bowl, happy users, Charlie, always clean and freshCharlie would take breaks during meals and leave his food out for hours. CAT TONGUE makes it easy to eat, so he’ll eat his serving at once, no breaks. I can wash the bowl right away, so it’s always clean and fresh. The bowl and food aren’t left out for hours for him to finish. ~Vicky & Charlie – Los Angeles, Calif.

“Bowl won’t move away”    

the CAT TONGUE, premium ceramic cat feeding bowl, happy users, Esta, bowl won't move awayWhen eating canned food, Esta uses her tongue to push up food into her mouth, causing her old bowl to move away. Food would get stuck in the corners of the bowl, and she wouldn’t eat it. But with CAT TONGUE, Esta has an easy time eating all food thanks to the angles and slopes. No food is left behind! And the bowl won’t move away from her when eating. I’m impressed! ~Yasu & Esta – Haleiwa, Hawaii


“No more crumbs”              

the CAT TONGUE, premium ceramic cat feeding bowl, happy users, Kilo, no more crumbsMy cat would leave crumbs inside & outside his old bowl. Thanks to CAT TONGUE, the wideness and high sides prevent any food from falling out. As an added protection, the 3 levels keep food within the bowl Kilo uses a stand to eat on. And he hasn’t been getting pimples on his chin anymore. ~Cyndi & Kilo – Pomona, Calif.

"No Spills"                                  

the cat tongue Tiger no spills the CAT TONGUE, Louie, no spills

Tiger and Louie (shown in order) are aggressive eaters. Food would fly out of the bowls and if they were unsatisfied, they would knock their bowls over. But not anymore; the Cat Tongue bowl is stable and sturdy enough that my cats can't do rebellious acts anymore! What's even better is they're eating so fast with no spills; they're even surprised at how quickly they finish their meals!    ~Tiger and Louie K - Honolulu, Hawaii


"Doesn't fall off the side"   

Since switching to the CAT TONGUE my cats don’t drop food from the side of their dish and they eat a lot! Until now, my cats used to chase dry food across their bowls and plates, one by one. Then dry food will get soggy with their saliva, and they end up falling off the side of the dish. So I would get another bowl, put can food inside and put the soggy dry food on top so it doesn’t move around. This method didn’t really work for my cats who don’t like can food! My CAT TONGUE changed everything because the food doesn’t fall out and move around so my cats can eat. It’s little expensive so I can’t buy for all my cats (8 cats) but I will slowly collect one by one. If you’re a pet Cat parent, once you understand the benefits of the CAT TONGUE then you will want to buy for other friends who own cats. ~Ms. KS - Honolulu, Hawaii (Dec 2016)

"Good Quality"   

The nurse at the Cat Clinic recommended this bowl because my cats don't eat all their food every meal time. It was a little expensive but it's handmade by ceramic crafters in Japan so I knew it was made well with good quality ceramic. I'm from Japan so I know Japanese handmade product is best quality and made with care. Thank you Cat Clinic for a great suggestion!    ~Ms. F - Honolulu, Hawaii

"Clean eating"      

I've never seen my cat eat like this before! His food doesn't fall out of the bowl to the floor anymore. It's a well-made bowl and I love using it every time for feeding.    ~Ms. C - Honolulu, Hawaii

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