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the CAT TONGUE® is a premium cat feeding bowl. It is ceramic, made by hand and imported from Japan. An innovative, custom design increases efficiency in eating with ergonomics in mind, which works especially well with senior cats and messy eaters.

  • Material : (item) Ceramic
    • Three firings in the kiln produce a solid, beautiful, glass-like luster with the ultimate rigidity and sturdiness.
  • Color : Huntington White
  • Size : L 6.25 in x W 5.75 in x H 1.75 in.
    • A wide entry and low (0.3”) entry height provide easy access to food and avoids neck strain. Whiskers and chin do not touch the bowl, allowing a cat to eat or drink naturally and comfortably.
    • The main Pocket’s slopes and angles gather food back to the middle.
    • Specially placed 14 Bumps hold food that comes out of the Pocket, to assist in easy pickup.
    • 2 tiers assist a cat to easily pick up its food without its nose getting in the way.
    • Elongated edges prevent food from falling outside of the bowl.
    • Cats can eat lying down, due to its ideal entry height; great for handicapped cats.
    • *PICTURED- Orange cat: Tiger the cat, male, 13 lbs. As shown in the photo, the CAT TONGUE® will easily accommodate larger cats with wide faces.
  • Net Weight (item) : 1 lb.
    • the CAT TONGUE® is sturdy and stable. Cats will find it difficult to flip over.
  • Pocket capacity : ¼ cup (2 oz or 4 tablespoons)
    • The innovative design integrates features that avoid over-feeding and excessive weight gain. The Pocket area is crafted to its specific size to avoid chasing food across a wide area and assist in easily picking up food.
    • The bowl is made for single-serving feeding, not all-day food grazing. The concept of a single serving promotes a completely finished meal and the cleanliness of the bowl.
    • Accommodates 1/4 cup dry kibble or wet 3 oz. can.
    • If you are looking for a food bowl to leave more than 1/4 cup dry kibble or wet 3 oz. can food  out all day and/or night, this product is not designed for such scenarios and will not meet your expectations.

  • Net liquid capacity : Maximum 4 oz possible
  • Measurement Lines (based on 1 US customary cup)
    • 1/4 and 1/8 cup measuring lines serve as a guideline for adequate food servings. Veterinarians recommend 1/4 cup as the average and ideal single serving amount, per meal, twice a day.
    • For cats requiring more than 1/4 cup of food, please serve more food as they need.
    • By lessening unnecessary head movementt and creating stress-fee and efficient eating, test results show the CAT TONGUE® reduces unnecessary head movement by 30% compared to other bowls on the market. The intuitive structure helps Senior cats and Messy Eaters by lessening stress and promoting more enthusiasm to eat, at every feeding.
    • FOR OWNERS :
      • Bowls are stackable. the CAT TONGUE® can be stacked when storing in your cabinet.  A stack will only take a small footprint.
      • Easy to hold and carry. The underside permits fingers to be placed to promote a stable grip.
      • Easy to clean and maintain. All food and stains will slide off the custom engineered glaze surface with ease.
      • Microwave and dishwasher safe. The bowls can be lined up sideways in the dishwasher and will not take excessive amounts of space.
      • We recommend you use a simple dinner mat as cushioning under the bowl when serving food on concrete, tile or any rough surface to avoid damage to the bowl.
      • The ceramic is bacteria resilient and BPA/phthalate free, as commonly found in plastic products.
      • The custom glaze, created exclusively for the CAT TONGUE®, has been tested for Lead and Cadmium and is FDA compliant. We assure the safety of our bowl through trustworthy sources and strict compliance testing.
      • Cats may be surprised, hesitant or run away when seeing and/or using the CAT TONGUE® for the first time. This is a common occurrence as some cats become attached to the bowl they’ve been currently using. Should your cat(s) act or feel uncomfortable when using the CAT TONGUE® for the first time, please be persistent in using our bowl when feeding for a few days. Your cat(s) will enjoy their food once they are used to the presence and use of the bowl.




        *Applies to only one(1) shipping location per order of two(2) or more. 

        **US Domestic orders only, does not apply to International orders.

        Great for gifts to friends & family, Christmas presents, get another bowl for water, assign bowls for dry or wet food usage! Buy 2 bowls with a friend and keep 1 bowl each!

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